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Global Sajo – a Creator of Future Values in Fishery Industry
Hope floats with Sajo Group.

Global food company creating the future values in the fishery industry
We shall venture into new sources of pelagic fishery resources to ensure safe foods for the mankind of next-generation.  We shall supply safe and nutritional foods with flavors to take the lead in building dietary life and culture of wellness for the public. We shall generate profits via challenge, passion and trust to open up the new world of prosperity.
Manage-ment Principles
S. Speedy(Swift Response). A. Aggressive(Creative Challenge). J. Joyful(Exciting Workplace). O. Open Mind(Open-Mindedness).
Directions in Business Strategy
Establish the top-notch fleets with global competitiveness. Reinforce competencies for global business. Expand M/S via quality competitiveness. Advance the business management system.

Dependable Family. Build Sajo as dependable family for all .