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Sajo Group is dedicated to building a wholesome life for people and their families.
Scope of Business by Sajo Group

Advanced inventory control via ultra low-temp chamber and computerized bonded storage

Logistics Business (Doksan Freezer Warehouse)

Located around the expressways and Nambu Belt Way, Doksan Freezer Warehouse boasts of high accessibility with convenient transportation. Furthermore, it is equipped with the ultra low-temp chamber and bonded storage, which makes it perfect for storing fishery, livestock and imported items of which freshness is highly important.

1. Address : 303-2, Doksan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul  (New address: 13, 7-gil, Dusan-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul)

2. Dimension and Total Floor Area (unit: m2)

Area TFA Type by Usage
Plant Office Welfare Facilities
3,855 10,355 7,934 478  

3. List of Products : Storage and instant freezing of agriculture/fishery/livestock products (10 m/t)

Retail Business Unit

Sajo Group works on securing excellent quality and price competitiveness by securing multiple channels for livestock imports.

Retail Channels for Imports

USA Swift Showcase
Australia AMH
Mexico Donfileto Prederas Huasdecas

USA Swift Excel SmithField
Canada Decari Atrahan Agromax Dubreton
Mexico Kowi SaSa
Europe Manten Marcher Rudolf Animax

Domestic Retail Channel

Franchise stores, Wholesalers/retailers, Ingredients for meat processing, Home shopping